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stephangeisler bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth
Helmut Kesberg bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth




July 2019



IMG_6431This piece belongs to a time, when I painted dancers especially of contemporary dance. The dancer you see here is the extraordinary Daniel Medeiros, a brazilian dancer I came across by chance on the train station of the airport in Düsseldorf.

We worked together for quite a while, he was modeling, I was taking fotos, he was creating performances, I was painting. So we had cooperations between fine arts and contemporary performances. I just loved this period.

Here you see one of the fotos as a transfer on a lace doily. What I really like about the piece is the fragility of the position and the laces and on the other hand the really rough and a little odd techniques.

Ah I just see now I forgot to sign it, but of course I will do it before it leaves my studio.

This piece is sold



Version 2

I was never crazy about formula 1, I never looked a race or I never did know names of champions and drivers, I was never in this world. And then all of a sudden I was asked, if I would do life-paintings in the Paddock Clubs of the Formula 1 Races.

It seemed quite interesting, new, different, so I said „Yes, let’s try it out!“ So I researched the drivers. And Lewis Hamilton was the first one I came across. Honestly he was good looking ( I know that is so superficial!), but he seemed to be also an interesting type of person. So I started to draw him and to paint him and I have to say, he really has a good face. A few of the portraits (150×160 cm, acrylic on canvas) found their way to the finals in Abu Dhabi 2018, but it never came to a closer cooperation with the formula 1 out of different reasons. At least meanwhile I know a few names of the drivers and the places of the races.

This is a drawing on Arches Satiné in the size of 18×28,5 cm and is purchasable for 380 €




When I had my first little Italian greyhound, Lupo, – meanwhile I am the proud owner of two of them, Cooper appeared one year later – I starting with a few foto shoots with Lupo and friends, like a life model, another friend or Aaron, a contemporary dancer from NY.

This is a foto of Aiden and Lupo! He looks so dangerous, like one of the first aliens who set the first humans adrift on earth and stayed to observe us to see if they should interfere if we do something bad or wrong. I fear they just forgot their mission. We should remind them. It is really time.

This is a print on bursted aluminium, it is signed on the back site. The size is 22,3x14cm and the price 40 €.




This is one painting of my very very very first cow series. It belongs to the moment where all the cow paintings started. These first ones were so much more free like acrylic sketchings.

I just love these animals, they are so similar to bumblebees, so huge and big and with so thin legs, but they can run like they would fly. Sometimes I think we humans should be a bit more similar to bumblebees.

If you are interested to have these amazing and excited cows close to your home, just give me an offer. Meanwhile so many cows were „born“ in my studios in Bergkamen and now in Bochum.




I just love to paint on canvas, I just love to work with material and I also love reality. Usually I combine my realistic work with a lot of free elements. But to work „only“ free is for somebody who has a small controlling part in his character more than a challenge.

There are no defined aims, there is no wrong and right. You need to paint, wherever the process goes to, you need to continue to the moment when you have the feeling „It is finished“ whatever this might mean. You decide all the time, you feel all the time and the more you get into a flow, the more it works, the more you can enjoy the process.

A good start to do this is to work on a few smaller sizes, to play around, a small size means small decisions, there is no pressure, if you have the feeling, it is just a try! This is the best attitude, if you want to be free, because nothing counts.

This piece is one painting of such a working phase, it is 30×40 cm and if you want to see more paintings of this phase, please let me know.

The price is 380 €




My god, when I do look back, I tried so many materials, I worked with so many themes and I was always on my search for something new, something special, I was always on my search for themes, things and people who were fascinating me in a particular way.

This piece is a sketching on a painted background on a single. The funny thing is, the single itself is a Christmas single with the German Christmas song „Ihr Kinderlein kommet“ („Oh come, little children“).

The sketching is a portrait. Because of the background the eyes are very clear, kind of focusing, the nose is directly under the hole of the single. And the black mouth on the nearly black background is nearly invisible.

Whenever I look on this piece I try to understand the role of the hole. Is it destructive or does it give structure. Does it just underline the circle or is it part of the face??? What do you think?

The single has the diameter of nearly 18 cm and is available for 70 €.




So so so many things are created and storaged in an artist’s studio. So often I do think about recycling, especially if it comes to paintings on canvas. Of course paintings appear, that are not your favorites or you can not bring to a final point. But there are already so many layers, so much work and so much time you invested in such a piece. So what to do?

A while ago I started to cut a few of these paintings in smaller parts of the pictures with the idea to use these paintings‘ fragments to continue in another way. I chose regular sizes adhered them to a piece of wood and tried to continue.

An interesting experience was, that the texture of the paintings was in the smaller sizes so much more dominant. It was so difficult to paint on these textures. „The blue man with the beard“ was one of the first results. Though the portrait itself is so fragile, more like a sketching, the whole picture is absolutely haptic and partly very glossy.

I like this piece. It is special in a way. This piece is sold.




Heatpainting 1

This is a very spontaneous work from today. We have again an incredible heat in Germany. I love the summer, but after the last year with so less rain and another hot summer this year the trees are suffering so much. I feel so sorry for them, I just love old trees, and of course not only old ones!

Though I am the last one complaining about the weather, it is also for me a bit hot. So I decided to start a few heat paintings or sketchings. This is the one of today. And the best it is half classically done on paper with a pencil and half digital on an iPad. So you can purchase it only as a digital print.

At the moment I do try so much with these iPads. Though I miss the emotional part of the material and the way you get connected with the material, these iPads with these sketching programs are absolutely stunning in another way. I guess next year I start with a first exhibition in this technique and seminars for art projects on iPads.

The print is signed, but unlimited, 30×42 cm and it does cost 49 € plus postage and package.



heatpainting 2

If I promise a series of heat-paintings, there should be at least 3 pieces! What do you think? Here is number 2. And we have again the perfect cause for this series. Yesterday was the hottest day ever documented in Germany and today it should be even hotter! But thank god there is no climate catastrophe. This is all a bit scary.

So perhaps you can enjoy my little sketching, again a mixture between a drawing on paper and a process on the tablet, a symbol for the whole and fast change in society, culture, behavior and thinking.

The print is again unlimited, but signed, 30×42 cm and again it does cost 49 € plus postage and package.



Unbenanntes_Werk 5

So let’s complete the „heatpainting series“ with the third and last one.

It is 6.13 h in my studio, the dogs are sleeping and it is still just hot. I can not wait to get out where it is hopefully a bit cooler, but I definitely need my first coffee to get my engine running.

So „My hair is melting“ is the third heat-painting, for me a symbol of change. Things do change. 2 days ago we had the hottest day ever in Germany and yesterday it was even hotter. We all should think about the really small things we could do in our all days lives. There are so many things we could change …..

„My hair is melting“ is again a mixture of a classical drawing with pencil and color pencils and a digital part with the tablet and an amazing digital pen.

And again it is signed, unlimited, 30×42 cm and you can purchase the print for 49 € plus postage and package. Have a lovely and sunny day. – Stephan



Unbenanntes_Werk 13

The base of this work is a very very very old sketching of mine from the days when I drew all these old industrial buildings and monuments of the Ruhrgebiet, my home.

This one is diverse in two different kinds. When I sketched this building, the main construction was original from the old industrial days and the top of it was added. The whole building was designed by Luigi Colani.

Because it looked so futuristic people just called it „The Ufo“ („The unknown flying object“) or in a more colloquial way „Das Colani Ei“ („The Colani Egg“).

I get a bit addicted to procreate, a sketching program. I overworked the original sketching digitally, so if you would like to have this amazing motive (It is located in Lünen Brambauer) as a print on vat paper in 20×28 cm, signed and limited on 3 pieces, you could have it for 89 €. And if you are interested in the two original drawings, I could send you fotos and you could have them by making an offer.

So have a lovely day – Stephan




My god, what you find, when you look through all your artworks of the last decades.

This work is a kind of lithography I did in my first years at the university for visual communication. This was a time, when I worked with masques of plaster, sketching them, build installations aso. Here you find an arrangement with two of them.

I made a whole series with masques, all lithographies and sketchings. It was my very first series in this print technique

When doing installations with these masques you always created half realistic mysterious figures, a bit scary and eerie. It was a good phase.

This work is from 1993. Can you believe that??? Because it is from the days and I won’t have a chance to exhibit this lithography (32×55 cm), it is purchasable just for 50 €. Take your chance!




Spundwand means steel piling, bulkhead, sheet pile wall, cut off trench or sheet pile cut off wall, if I believe my online translator. I know the Spundwände from the canals, the artificial water transport ways. The Spundwände are the metal boundaries at the side of the canals to hold the water. – Uff!

The Spundwände are part of my home area in Germany, the Ruhrgebiet, the old industrial area of Germany, and because I adore special words I had to use this word at least once in my art! And here it it is.

The work belongs to a time, when I was playing around, when I wanted to be crazy, weird. I am not sure, if I ever was. In this piece is no deeper content. It is just a wonderful stone of the long way of art I could go so far.

The piece consists of two metal stripes (aluminium) and the materials I worked with was collage, pencil, colors, rost and the size of each stripe is 50×5 cm, so in total it is 1 metre long.

If you go crazy about this piece, you can order it for 100 € and it is yours! Have a happy day!






These two pieces are from 1990, 29 years ago!

Around 1987/88 I did – instead of going to the military and doing my military service – my civilian service. I worked nearly two years in an old people’s home and all of a sudden I was confronted with people I never saw before, old, very old, ill, dement – it was just such a new and also a bit scary world for me. Suddenly I was responsible for these people. I needed around 3 weeks and then I started to love this job. These people were just incredible, weird and wonderful characters. I am so thankful that I had the chance to come across these wonderful old people. One of them was Oma Glowaki, a tiny tiny little lady with short grey hair and very thick glasses. She reminded me so much of a mole. And grandma Glowaki just loved to tell stories about her past. She never stopped. And though she was a bit dement, she did it in such an impressive way.

When I started to study after the civilian service I did a series of sketchings of my most loved characters. Here you see two drawings with watercolors of grandma Glowaki.

The portrait is ca. 32×43 cm and is purchasable for 150 € and the portrait with the hand is ca. 57×42 cm and it would cost 190 €.

Have a great day! – Stephan





From the moment I got my first Italian greyhound Lupo from a very good friend in Dubai, I started to take a lot of fotos of him. He was such a special dog, he had a bit of an alien from another world. It was so much fun.

Meanwhile I have two Italian greyhounds, Cooper is the second one, also from Dubai and he has the same mother as Lupo, but a different father. They are two wonderful souls and I am so happy they are in my life.

This foto belongs to a series of fotos with Lupo and a dancer and two friends. On this foto it is just him, but in such a typical position.

The foto is a print on bursted aluminium and together with the mat metallic frame it has the size 14×28 cm and is purchasable for 120 €.






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