Der Sprung vom Abgrund


Sie standen Abgrund, die Wikingerhorden nahten. Sollten sie springen? Aiden dachte bei sich, immerhin hatte er ein Windspiel dabei, was sollte also schiefgehen.

Bleistiftzeichnung – 01 05 2016 – Lupo und Aiden – 26×18 cm – 120 €

Obacht! Bis zum 18.04.2018 – 24 Uhr –  Sonderpreis 90 €


They were standing at the gaping abyss, hordes of vikings in their back. Should they jump? Aiden was thinking, what should happen, in the end he had a Windspiel at his side.

Pencil drawing – 01 05 2018 – Lupo und Aiden – 26×18 cm – 120 €

But special price – deadline 24 h 18.04.2018 – 90 €

Now comes the Brain


After the first series of physical hearts the first brain did appear now all of a sudden. This is just the start of brains, others are in process. Some will be as wild and crazy and full as this one. Others will be more athetic, more monochrome or weird. They will be as various as the human characters are! If you want to get informed about the next ones, let me know! And tell your doctors about the two series “heart & brain”. Now have a sunny and wonderful day! – Stephan

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Fragments of the picture above











venice with watercolors


Sometimes I am so surprised, when you start to tidy up your art stuff, what suddenly appears at the surface. I just found these 5 sketching, Venice, watercolors, on heavy vat paper in the size of 38×57 cm. Interested to have one or more or all of them, just give me an offer. Feel free! I am looking forward to the craziest offers ever!













Mutti-Runde – Mother-Circle

Cafehausskizze 11.04.2018


Gestern war ein wunderbarer Tag. Unverhoffte Sonne, nachmittäglicher Spaziergang mit den Hunden im Stadtpark und eine Mininachmittagsrunde im dortigen Café in einem Strandkorb. Eigentlich wollte ich etwas lesen. Aber es war nicht daran zu denken. Es gab zuviel Mutti-Runden mit Kindern und entsprechendem Lärm. Also habe ich bei einem Kaffee und zwei winzigen belgischen Waffeln mit Vanille-Eis die Situation skizziert, die ich vor meiner Nase hatte.

Für den Preis meines kleinen Mahles plus Tip = 6,00 € plus Porto ist sie Deine. Schicke einfach eine mail an Der Zufallsgenerator sucht den Käufer heute Abend aus!


Yesterday was an amazing day. Warm sun, a walk with the dogs into the Central Park a small sit-in in the little café there in a beach chair. Actually I wanted to read a bit, but … no chance. There were too many mother circles with children and a huge amount of noise. So I decided to sketch the situation in front of me while enjoying my two cute and tiny Belgian waffles with vanilla ice cream.

For the price of my little meal plus tip = 6,00 € plus post the sketching is yours. Just send a  mail to The random generator will search the new owner tonight!



Kunibert sucht Rapunzel


It was so typical. He heard Rapunzel was somewhere in the forest. And now… nobody! Somebody must have mucked him. The society was meanwhile so strange!


Original Painting – 70×70 cm – 1.300 €

Print 40×40 cm – 120 €

Print 70×70 cm – 240 €

The prints have a limited number of 12 pieces per size. They are signed and numbered and printed on a high quality vat paper!

Amartey Golding


Amartey thinking about world, life, visions and art – Amartey Golding a great artist of Brighton.

Original 100×100 cm – 2.200 €

Print 40×40 cm – 90 €

Print 70×70 cm – 240 €

High-Quality Prints on Vat Paper, signed and numbered (Limitation 12 pieces)

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Lupo and his Yellow


The young, curious and glorious and proud little Italian greyhound Lupo, a little big soul!

Pencil and mixed media on vat paper – 19×28 cm – available for 120 €

HighQuality Print on Vat Paper, limited on 12 pieces, ca. 17×26 cm, signed – 60 €

Eleonora and the birds of paradise


Eleonora was sitting in the middle of a whole bunch of birds of paradise. Here at this special place she was always more than confused, sometimes she even had a slight feeling of becoming crazy. She knew these birds of paradise were just plants, of course stunning plants, special plants, but plants …. but sometimes she supposed they could really fly, perhaps they really were birds, just disguised as flowers. Just yesterday she saw two birds of paradise starting to build their nest for their progeny. She was just wondering if they could lay eggs …..

Original Painting – 70×70 cm – 1.300 €

Print 40×40 cm – 120 €

Print 70×70 cm – 240 €

The prints have a limited number of 12 pieces per size. They are signed and numbered and printed on a high quality vat paper!