the diary of the artist


The diary of the artist.

This diary, this blog is really just a diary. A daily selection of thoughts, of sketchings, of fotos, things, paintings, workaday stuff, observations, visions, situations. Whatever searches for my perception may get transferred into art. This blog is open, this blog has no plan. It just wants to be there to find out, what comes.

The motivation for this blog is also to start an open search for art or what art might be. Very often I get the feeling that art wants to be so special, so avantgarde, so extraordinary, so intentional, so idealistic, but looking at the art of our days quite often it seems so lost of orientation, sitting between the chairs of ideals, market, curators, the wish to be recognized, existence and and and.

This blog does not want to play this big game, it is more a personal thing, as said just a diary, but it wants to recognize, to perceive of course also the world and what happens and my personal world and what happens there.

And – what is blamed by the whole art world and also the artists – we all need to live, so everything is also to sell.

And – this blog is written in english – though I am no native english speaker – to reach more people, who may have similar or very different thoughts. So for all natives things may sound here and there a bit funny. Just forgive me or correct me or let a little smile appear in your face.

If you want to get to know more about me and my art, you can have a look here, this is my website for my paintings

If you want to get to know more about the seminars I give, you may also risk a look here at that page

And now I wish you a great time with inspiring moments. It would be a pleasure if you visit me here and there to see what is new. Have always sunny thoughts – Stephan

starting point: 22 nd of septembre


(picture – foto behind acrylic glas – 20×20 cm – signed and limited – 12 pieces – 60 E)