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stephangeisler bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth
Helmut Kesberg bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth




the daily drawing




2014 I did an extraordinary project, the German name was „Die Tageszeichnung“, the english translation „The Daily Drawing“.

Every single day of the year 2014 I did a drawing or a sketching, most of the time mixed media. This project was for me quite special and of course also a challenge. Some days I just had time to draw, take a foto of the drawing, upload it on my website, write a few notes and put it online. But there were days with so less time, so I had to hurry through the whole process of the day. Sometimes I just worked more traditional and the more I used my traditional ways to draw the more I wanted to experiment, to play around, to do something weird or to be naughty. To watch me during the process, during the whole year in the variation of the own artistical requirements was such a great experience.

To watch the audience was also more than funny. People tried to understand when I put the next work online to be the first to see it and perhaps to be the first to buy it. Some works  I could have sold a few times, some remained in my home. I never really understood why. Though really many many works found a new home, the first one of this project from the 1st january 2014 is still here. This is the sketching I want to show you today.

One of my iPhones with a personal wish „The cellphone will be switched off more often“. Today I really do it, but in 2014 it was just a wish. We need to find our personal rules, more than ever, how to work with all these social media, how much time we spend per day with a cellphone and how often we should prefer a personal talk to our friends or also strangers.

This piece is sold. The ones that are still here in my storage, including this very first one, you can purchase for 60 €. So enjoy the day and be an inspiration for your friends. – Cheers Stephan!

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