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stephangeisler bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth
Helmut Kesberg bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth




upper and lower jaw



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Looking back and looking forward …. both belongs to an artistic process.

Until now I mostly presented works of the past, that are still in my „storage“ and also belong to my development like all the works on canvas I show in my actual exhibitions.

A few weeks ago I came across an iPad with a magic pen and I am so surprised what is meanwhile possible digitalwise. A couple of days ago I introduced you already to two digital art pieces, I made on this iPad.

These pieces here are the first results of a combination of more or less antique medical drawings and the contemporary digital possibilities. I want to create a whole series. These are the first designs. The upper jaw became a smile, the lower jaw still seems to be a medical illustration of a genetical peculiarity or of an alien life form.

Add something to a foto, a drawing, a picture and directly the association and intention changes. Our perception works in such a complex way, though it is always a mixture of biological and learned correlations. As an artist you do not need composition rules, because there are none. If you just understand how our perception works, you can be so much more spontaneous in your artistic work.

These three pieces are of course only available as digital prints in a perfect quality on vat paper, limited on 12 and signed, DinA4 would cost 99 €. There are also two bigger sizes. If you are interested in them, just send me a little note.



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