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stephangeisler bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth
Helmut Kesberg bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth




Mr Rainbow



When You paint and draw and when you are always in a process, quite a few pieces get finished during a certain period of time, and so many pieces get started in a way and then it takes quite often such a long time to get continued or finished.

This is one of the pieces and still I am so surprised that it is so colorful. This guy is really Mr Rainbow, perhaps it is an homage to all the gay people in our society, me included. Perhaps these colors, that just appeared during painting, have a very different meaning. It was definitely my subconsciousness that guided me.

This piece belongs to a small series of special works. I took an old big painting and did cut it into smaller pieces, glued them onto wooden backgrounds and continued them as a single piece. It was a try, but it worked quite well.

This singing portrait is one of the results, 20×40 cm, canvas and wood and acrylic and if you want to purchase it, you need to invest 180 €

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