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stephangeisler bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth
Helmut Kesberg bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth




veit schreit die küh an



Honestly the title of this artwork is a bit difficult to translate. It means something like „Veit shouts at the the cows.“ The German plural of Kuh (cow) would be „Kühe“. Here the word „Kühe“ lost the „e“ at the end. So in German it sounds a bit old-fashion, a bit like said from somebody from the countryside. Even in German it is not so easy to explain, how the connotation of the word „Kühe“ changes without the „e“.

I have now idea, when I did this work, but it must be a while ago. The base is an aluminium plate I used for alugrafies. The foto is from my very first foto shoot with a man. Veit is a good friend of mine. He must have been 20 years old, when I took it.

The two yellow cows are sprayed with a stencil and the yellow stripes as well. And I used quite a lot transparent surfacer, what makes the piece very haptic. In these days I did many material experiments and still now I am sometimes surprised of the combinations of colors and materials.

This piece has the size of 50×35 cm and if you would love to add it to your collection you would have need to invest 120 €, but now it is already sold. Have a happy cowful day – Stephan.

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