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stephangeisler bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth
Helmut Kesberg bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth




spuntwände for every household


Spundwand means steel piling, bulkhead, sheet pile wall, cut off trench or sheet pile cut off wall, if I believe my online translator. I know the Spundwände from the canals, the artificial water transport ways. The Spundwände are the metal boundaries at the side of the canals to hold the water. – Uff!

The Spundwände are part of my home area in Germany, the Ruhrgebiet, the old industrial area of Germany, and because I adore special words I had to use this word at least once in my art! And here it it is.

The work belongs to a time, when I was playing around, when I wanted to be crazy, weird. I am not sure, if I ever was. In this piece is no deeper content. It is just a wonderful stone of the long way of art I could go so far.

The piece consists of two metal stripes (aluminium) and the materials I worked with was collage, pencil, colors, rost and the size of each stripe is 50×5 cm, so in total it is 1 metre long.

If you go crazy about this piece, you can order it for 100 € and it is yours! Have a happy day!

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