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Helmut Kesberg bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth




Luigi Colani send his regards

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The base of this work is a very very very old sketching of mine from the days when I drew all these old industrial buildings and monuments of the Ruhrgebiet, my home.

This one is diverse in two different kinds. When I sketched this building, the main construction was original from the old industrial days and the top of it was added. The whole building was designed by Luigi Colani.

Because it looked so futuristic people just called it „The Ufo“ („The unknown flying object“) or in a more colloquial way „Das Colani Ei“ („The Colani Egg“).

I get a bit addicted to procreate, a sketching program. I overworked the original sketching digitally, so if you would like to have this amazing motive (It is located in Lünen Brambauer) as a print on vat paper in 20×28 cm, signed and limited on 3 pieces, you could have it for 89 €. And if you are interested in the two original drawings, I could send you fotos and you could have them by making an offer.

So have a lovely day – Stephan

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