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stephangeisler bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth
Helmut Kesberg bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth




the blue man with the beard




So so so many things are created and storaged in an artist’s studio. So often I do think about recycling, especially if it comes to paintings on canvas. Of course paintings appear, that are not your favorites or you can not bring to a final point. But there are already so many layers, so much work and so much time you invested in such a piece. So what to do?

A while ago I started to cut a few of these paintings in smaller parts of the pictures with the idea to use these paintings‘ fragments to continue in another way. I chose regular sizes adhered them to a piece of wood and tried to continue.

An interesting experience was, that the texture of the paintings was in the smaller sizes so much more dominant. It was so difficult to paint on these textures. „The blue man with the beard“ was one of the first results. Though the portrait itself is so fragile, more like a sketching, the whole picture is absolutely haptic and partly very glossy.

I like this piece. It is special in a way. If you create the plan to purchase it, you just need to invest 90 € and it will find its way to your home.



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