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stephangeisler bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth
Helmut Kesberg bei 2 eyes and a hidden mouth




2 eyes and a hidden mouth



My god, when I do look back, I tried so many materials, I worked with so many themes and I was always on my search for something new, something special, I was always on my search for themes, things and people who were fascinating me in a particular way.

This piece is a sketching on a painted background on a single. The funny thing is, the single itself is a Christmas single with the German Christmas song „Ihr Kinderlein kommet“ („Oh come, little children“).

The sketching is a portrait. Because of the background the eyes are very clear, kind of focusing, the nose is directly under the hole of the single. And the black mouth on the nearly black background is nearly invisible.

Whenever I look on this piece I try to understand the role of the hole. Is it destructive or does it give structure. Does it just underline the circle or is it part of the face??? What do you think?

The single has the diameter of nearly 18 cm and is available for 70 €.

2 comments on “2 eyes and a hidden mouth

  1. The idea to comment your paintings by your own ideas and stories is great! I wish you that many people watch and love this. Helmut

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    1. Dear Helmut – thank you so so much, I really appreciate your words. Such a wonderful compliment from your site counts double. I am happy to see you soon, take care and have a sunny and happy week


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